Dr Dre beats gun rap following Malibu driveway encounter


Los Angeles prosecutors have declined to bring gun charges against rapper Dr Dre.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles district attorney said there was a lack of evidence that the record producer and entrepreneur had brandished a gun in public.

Dr Dre on stage in 2015 (Scott Roth/AP/Press Association Images)

Sheriff's deputies had cited Dre for a misdemeanor after a man reported that Dre pointed a handgun at him and threatened him outside his Malibu home on Monday.

Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, told sheriff's deputies he didn't have a gun and had only asked the man to move the car blocking his driveway.

Dre was briefly handcuffed, but no weapon was found. Prosecutors say there were no other witnesses, and there were discrepancies in the man's account.

The man then filed a citizen's arrest complaint.