Radio 4's John Humphrys: 'I'm nervous about upsetting interviewees'


Today programme presenter John Humphrys believes his radio style is "timid and nervous".

The Welsh broadcaster, 72, has grilled public figures from former Prime Ministers David Cameron and Tony Blair to ex-BBC director-general George Entwistle.

John Humphrys presents the Today programme

But the Radio 4 host, who came second in a Radio Times poll of the most attractive male voices on radio, said he worries about upsetting his interviewees.

He told the magazine: "I think I'm possibly over-friendly. A little timid and nervous. I'm always worried I might upset someone.

"If anything, I err on the side of obsequious."

The poll, which received more than 32,000 votes, was topped by Scottish presenters Eddie Mair and Kirsty Young as the most attractive male and female voices.

Steve Allen, who has interviewed stars including Daniel Radcliffe, said he was not really a radio person

The 10th most popular male voice belonged to LBC presenter Steve Allen, who said he wasn't really a "radio person".

He said: "I'm on it, but don't know anything about it. I'm always amazed when people come over and say they listen to me and I go, 'Oh, right... weirdos'."

Allen insisted he could never listen back to his shows. He said: "My idea of hell would be somebody saying, 'You're going to listen to yesterday's programme'."

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