Jackson Blyton comes third in Big Brother live final


Jackson Blyton has taken bronze medal position in this year's Big Brother.

He danced out of the front door as he was evicted to welcoming cheers from the crowd.

Jackson made the most of his time with the adoring crowd (Channel 5)

Asked by host Emma Willis about how emotional he got in the house, he said: "In there emotions get built up and you can either lash out like an idiot or cry.

"I felt like in the first time in my life I could express all the personalities of Jackson, there's the street kid and the person I talk to my mum as."

Jackson gushed about Georgina as he left the house (Channel 5)

Questioned about his relationship with fellow housemate Georgina Leigh, he said: "I love her, in there a day is like a month or two you see the best or worse of people in such a sort period of time.

"She was adorable to me and I became in awe of her very quickly.

"I made a lot of promises and I want to fulfil them."

It tugged the heartstrings of viewers.

Although people were glad to have that relationship out their lives though.

Jackson's lasting impression might be his wonderful final Jackson-ism though.

His exit leaves Jason Burrill and Hughie Maughan as the final two.