Is there a future for Evelyn and Alex? The evicted Big Brother duo dish all


Evelyn Ellis and Alex Cannon opened up about whether there was a future for them outside the house as Evelyn came fifth in the Big Brother final.

Alex had been booted out on Sunday alongside Sam Giffen in a surprise eviction and came back to talk to Emma Willis about his time in the house.

The pair grew close in the house (Channel 5)

Viewers had watched Evelyn and Alex start a romance in the house, although it became evident she was more interested than him.

Questioning him on what he thought of her, Alex told Emma, "She's lovely, yeah. She's gorgeous."

Saying his reticence came from worrying what his family would think, he did say he'd like to take her on a date.

He said: "I would take her for a drink and maybe a little Nando's."

From the Big Brother bedroom to Nando's (Channel 5)

Evelyn then got her say when she was voted out.

"Alex is absolutely gorgeous, he's a genuine person inside and out," she said, but admitted her plan to "woo him" went wrong.

She was coy about whether there was a future for the pair.

"I think in the house you're stuck in this bubble and everything is magnified," she said sagely.

Watch this space.