Is Jason Burrill the worst Big Brother winner ever?


There was huge backlash on Twitter when Jason Burrill was named winner of Big Brother 2016.

The 45-year-old property developer was an enigma from the start: he has worked as a body double for Dave Bautista on Guardians Of The Galaxy and Spectre, owns a salon and is obsessed with his pet shitzu, Cleo.

Jason Burrill won this year's Big Brother (Channel 5)

Entering the house on day one, it was revealed his ex-girlfriend Charlie Doherty was secretly lodged in the Other House and wanted to get him back.

Being a man of few words, his reaction to learning she was set to join the main house was simply, "Oh, f***".

Admitting she was even jealous of his dog, Charlie caused plenty of fireworks during her brief time with him until she was booted out on day 32.

Jason and Charlie's attempt to reignite their relationship did not last (Channel 5)

But Jason caused his own controversy in the house when, as part of a twist during Annihilation Week, he chose to earn himself £20,000 from the prize fund.

The consequence was choosing a housemate to evict and he picked Lateysha Grace, much to the ire of the audience.

It became clear he was struggling with his time in the house, relying heavily on friend Andy West and even threatening to quit multiple times.

Yet somehow, after 50 days, Jason was crowned winner.

Jason voted out Lateysha to win himself £20,000 (Channel 5)

So was he really the "worst winner in the history of winners" or was he the ultimate game-player? Let's see what the viewers thought.

There were many voices on the "worst" side.

But others were willing to give him his dues.

And Jason was the oldest BB ever winner, which for some showed the game was changing.

If celebrity sways you, then let's see what two former Celebrity Big Brother contestants had to say.

It seems to be a draw, but perhaps that means Jason has done exactly what he set out to do - be himself and not care what people think.

It seems playing the game really does work.