The kids from Outnumbered have grown up and Twitter can't quite handle it


Having appeared on TV screens since 2007, fans of hit sitcom Outnumbered have become accustomed to seeing its three young stars in a certain way.

But a new image of Ramona Marquez, Tyger Drew-Honey and Daniel Roche has now emerged, the three actors looking a world away from their younger selves.

The image was originally posted by 15-year-old Ramona on her private Instagram page before it was shared by stunned Twitter user @hvfflepuff.

Along with the photo, the comment read: "IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO REALISE WHO I WAS LOOKING AT HERE."

The actress, who played Karen, was just six years old when the show started nine years ago, and viewers saw her grow up into a young teenager before the show ended in 2014.

Outnumbered stars Tyger Drew-Honey, Hugh Dennis, Ramona Marquez, Daniel Roche and Claire Skinner with their award for Situation Comedy, backstage at the National Television Awards 2012 at the Greenwich Arena London

The group picture sees her standing next to her on-screen brothers Daniel, 16, and Tyger, 20, who played Ben and Jake respectively.

Together they played the hilarious kids of parents Pete and Sue Brockman, brought to life by Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner.

While Tyger has made other TV appearances in recent years, including a role in BBC series 24 Hours In The Past and his own BBC Three documentary series, his co-stars have been largely out of the limelight.

So it's no surprise Twitter reacted in shock and awe as the picture spread like wildfire, with plenty of Outnumbered fans claiming they feel old now, or sharing silly pictures of other stars, such as the Harry Potter cast.

Last year, show creator Andy Hamilton hinted that Outnumbered might return for a Christmas special.

Speaking to Fubar radio, he said: "We hope to visit the family for a kind of one-off.

"We've done a few Christmas specials, but you kind of disappear in a big gap of Christmas programming. We're kind of inclined to do it somewhere else if we can.

"That'll be a discussion me and Guy (Jenkin, his fellow Outnumbered creator) have to have between ourselves and then the BBC. We're hoping to film it next year."