Alicia Vikander warns fans to expect a very different Lara Croft to Angelina Jolie's


Alicia Vikander has warned fans to expect a very different Lara Croft from Angelina Jolie's gun-slinging incarnation when she takes over the role in the forthcoming Tomb Raider remake.

Based on the 2013 reboot of the video game, the Swedish actress said the 2018 film is "an origin story" and that she was learning to wield weapons other than the pistols that Angelina's take on the adventure-seeking archaeologist had strapped to each thigh.

Alicia Vikander will be eschewing guns for arrows and ice-picks in her role as Lara Croft

She told the Press Association: "Part of the reboot, if you go back, is the weapon she used mostly is an arrow actually, and an axe or an ice-pick."

Angelina played the video game heroine twice, first in 2001´s Tomb Raider and then in 2003´s The Cradle Of Life.

Despite currently starring in the action thriller Jason Bourne, where she plays the CIA's head of cyber intelligence Heather Lee, Alicia said the stunts had not prepared her at all to play Croft.

She laughed: "In this film (Bourne), the strongest muscle I train is probably my fingers, with all the hacking, but that doesn't take away she's probably one of the most powerful women, who could be the biggest threat, I've ever played.

Angelina Jolie in character as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

"It will be a big step stepping into Lara Croft, because I have to do a lot more stunts than I have before, but that's something I'm very much looking forward to."

Jason Bourne is released in UK cinemas on July 27, while Tomb Raider is expected in spring 2018.