Viewers thought Alan Carr's Grease Night was an absolute cringe-fest


Grease Night on Channel 4 was supposed to be an extravaganza of 1950s dancing, singing and comedy japes.

In the run-up people were really looking forward to it, especially as we had the actual movie to whet our appetites beforehand.

Jonathan Ross

Unfortunately, a less-than-excited audience, bad camera work and having almost nothing to do with the movie Grease made everything, well, a bit odd.

Fronted by chatty man Alan Carr and fellow comedian Katherine Ryan, the show - which included four couples battling it out for the title of Prom King and Queen and some tongue-in-cheek 1950s advices videos - was broadcast live.

Maybe it shouldn't have been.

Katherine Ryan and Alan Carr

We felt sorry for poor Didi Conn, AKA Frenchie, for having to take part.

Didi Conn dressed in 50's gear

This guy thought we should just end it all, that silence and a blank screen would be better.

Some people - not many - did enjoy it though.

Nevertheless, we all unanimously agreed that the studio desperately needed some air conditioning - poor Alan was boiling alive!

Alan's leather jacket was quickly removed for comfort over authenticity, and everyone was pleased for his safety.

Alan Carr wearing a blue suit

All in all, not a successful night.