There was a lot of love for Keith Richards as he reflected on his childhood in new BBC documentary


Whoever's idea it was to get Keith Richards to narrate his childhood over archive footage of cultural and social history of the 50s and 60s deserves a prize.

In the BBC documentary Keith Richards: The Origin Of The Species, the Rolling Stones guitarist took us through his early years and the rich tapestry of history from that era, including the aftermath of the Second World War, the golden age of capitalism and music of the time.

It was acclaimed film-maker Julien Temple's work and viewers were seriously impressed with the cinematography, music and how the whole thing was weirdly poetic.

Keith Richards: The Origin of the Species

If people didn't already love Keith, they certainly did now. And for other lifelong fans it cemented their adoration of the 72-year-old.

For those old enough to share some of Keith's memories it was a poignant journey.

Keith Richards: The Origin of the Species

After a well-documented lifetime of partying and substance abuse everyone's mainly impressed he's still here to tell the tale.

Keith Richards

...with a surprisingly perfect set of teeth.