Cara Delevingne shaved a woman's head on TV and the result was insane


Cara Delevingne is a talented model, actress and Instagrammer, but could she cut it as a hairdresser?

She was put to the test when she appeared on American talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live and was challenged to shave a woman's head

Cara, who was wearing thick specs and a comfy-looking pyjama-style ensemble, freely admitted she had no experience at cutting hair and at first suggested she might try it with her eyes closed.

After initially struggling to find the right end of the razor, Cara quickly took to the task and got into the swing of giving volunteer Grace, from Florida, a new look.

Cara Delevingne on Jimmy Kimmel Live

She was so delighted with the result she said: "I'm quitting my day job, this is my thing now."

Cara Delevingne on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Closer inspection showed she had left a long patch of unshaved hair at the side of Grace's head, which had been styled into tiny plaits.

Good sport Grace insisted she would keep it this way, declaring: "I love it!"

Cara Delevingne on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Maybe don't give up the day job just yet Cara.

Her new movie Suicide Squad is out on August 5.