Dwayne Johnson is pumped up for his latest television series Muscle Beach


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has said it was "fun" developing and producing his new hour-long 1980s-set television drama series Muscle Beach.

The former WWE champion promised viewers, "complex, crazy and colourful characters" in the series set around California's famed Venice Beach.

Dwayne, who has become a Hollywood star thanks to the Fast And Furious franchise, made the announcement about his new venture with cable channel USA Network on Instagram.

Dwayne Johnson has a new TV series in development (Yui Mok/PA)

He serves as executive producer on Muscle Beach, which takes a look back at the body-building craze of the 1980s.

Alongside a photo of a man pumping iron on the beach, Dwayne posted an outline of the series to his 60 million followers on Instagram.

He said: "Muscle Beach is set in a legendary body-building gym in 1980s Venice Beach where a colourful tribe of lost souls struggle to reinvent themselves by bench-pressing their way to a bigger, better American dream, no matter what the cost.

"As the series explores the body-obsessed fitness movement that took the nation by storm during the super-sized Reagan 80s, the excess of the era and the many temptations of Los Angeles will expose the dark side of chasing dreams."

Dwayne Johnson plays federal agent Luke Johnson in the Fast And Furious films (Universal Pictures/Scott Garfield)

He added: "As a kid growing up in the 80s, it's exciting to produce a series that stays true to our brand and dig deep into an iconic time in body-building and unique Venice Beach culture."

Dwayne also paid tribute to the decade famous for yuppies, US soaps Dallas and Dynasty, Tom Cruise movie Top Gun and shoulder pads.

"The 80s was a crazy time in Venice Beach with many lost souls. A very crazy time."

Muscle Beach is Dwayne's latest television series: he is also the executive producer and star of HBO series Ballers (airing on Sky Atlantic in the UK), which explores the lives of a group of past and present American football players.