The final four Big Brother housemates up for eviction are revealed - but there's a twist


Four of the Big Brother housemates were put up for eviction in a tense final nomination as the show gears up to select a winner.

Jason Burrill, Laura Carter, Jackson Blyton and Jayne Connery will face eviction on Friday night, with the rest of the housemates sailing through to the face a public vote to win the £100k prize fund - minus the £20,000 Jason has already taken.

Jason was the most nominated of the housemates (Channel 5)

However, there was a twist in store, as Big Brother revealed that one of housemates will still be saved on Wednesday.

The housemates sat down and watched each other reason why they thought their fellow contestants should be out the door, which caused plenty of tension.

Laura is one of the housemates up for eviction on Friday (Channel 5)

Some of the pettiest nominations included Laura by Andy West over her selfishly making a "fishbowl" of drink without asking anyone first, and Jayne of Jackson because he had dared to mention the fact she was 49-years-old.

But causing the biggest issue in the house was Jackson's nomination of Jason for being in "low mood".

Jackson and Jason get into an argument following nominations (Channel 5)

Jason was "fuming" at his friend: " I've struggled, I've massively struggled. When you struggled, I didn't nominate you."

Jackson tried to defend himself, but ultimately apologised to Jason after time to think.

Unfortunately, Jackson didn't earn himself any favour with those watching at home.

Meanwhile, Laura had to be consoled by her fellow  housemates as she broke down at the thought of having to deal with the booing from the fans outside,  admitting she was certain she'd be the next one out.

That didn't go down well with one former housemate...

In the diary room, Jayne also burst into tears at the injustice of Alex Cannon nominating her because she had previously said she wanted to leave.

All in all, it was a disastrous birthday for Sam Giffen, who was left cleaning up the aftermath AND getting insulted on Twitter.

Happy birthday Sam! (Channel 5)

But it left viewers at home thinking about who could now become the winner.

Sam and Hughie Maughan seemed the front-runners on Twitter.

But don't rule out Jason just yet....

Big Brother continues on Wednesday night on Channel 5 at 10pm.