'Inspirational' stroke victim given incredible garden makeover by Alan Titchmarch on Love Your Garden


Alan Titchmarsh gave a life-changing gift in a touching episode of Love Your Garden.

Caroline, originally from Scotland and now living in Bolton, suffered a near-fatal spinal stroke six years ago.

She was left paralysed from the neck down, but against the odds the determined 39-year-old learned to walk again with the use of sticks but is mostly confined to a mobility scooter.

Alan Titchmarsh and Caroline on love Yoru Garden (Spungold/ITV)
Alan Titchmarsh and Caroline on love Your Garden (Spungold/ITV)

She was unable to take full advantage of her long but thin garden due to the wheelchair so Alan led his team of gardening wizards in transforming the overgrown space into somewhere that she was able to make full use of, with plenty of paved areas.

They paid a wonderful tribute to the RSPCA officer's love of animals, in particular horses, and created an area for her dogs that left her in tears.

Viewers were full of praise for Caroline.

In fact it was too much for some, who found themselves in tears.

One couldn't ignore Alan's brilliant innuendo though.