Big Brother housemates in shock as they're told of Brexit and David Cameron's resignation


Lateysha Grace and Ryan Ruckledge made a surprise return to the Big Brother house to inform the housemates of the news happening outside the house.

Andy West played news anchor as he presented the hot headlines of the day to the other contestants and asked them whether they thought they were true or false.

Asked whether they thought Britain had voted to leave the EU, the housemates unanimously said they didn't believe it could have happened.

"We surely, surely didn't vote to leave the EU," said Andy.

However, he soon discovered that that, um, yep, we did, as Lateysha sent a recorded message to her ex-housemates.

Lateysha broke the news of Britain's exit from the EU (Channel 5)

"That's really, really worrying. United Kingdom, what are you thinking?" Andy asked, which resonated with viewers.

Then, they had to decide whether it was true that Theresa May had replaced David Cameron as Prime Minister.

Jason Burrill thought Dave would wait until the next election, while Jayne Connery said she hoped he had as "anyone would be better". Andy thought Theresa was now PM.

When Ryan broke the news, there was shock among the housemates - and then confusion.

Jackson Blyton forgot about Margaret Thatcher, our first female Prime Minister, while Hughie Maughan had not idea who Theresa was.

People couldn't help laughing at the housemates' reaction.

Then Andy cracked out his best insult for Cameron.

But perhaps the best moment in the show was the housemates' reaction to Lateysha's twerking wardrobe malfunction on Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

The housemates were also shown the part of Lateysha's interview where she called Jason and Andy the biggest "game-players", which prompted annoyance from the boys.

Jason went into the Diary Room and asked to exit the show, demanding that he be allowed to leave "with dignity" after hearing her comments and being exposed for nasty comments of his own about other housemates.

Andy's annoyance at being called a game-player left him threatening to quit (Channel 5)

He was talked out of leaving: but how long is it until Jason quits for good?

Big Brother continues on Tuesday night at 9pm.