A tale of rich and poor: Big Brother shock twist leaves housemates and fans divided


As Big Brother's Annihilation Week continued, the housemates were left bitterly divided by a new twist: each was offered £5,000 to take home.

But the £5,000 would be deducted from the prize fund, which is already missing £20,000.

Those who chose the option to become "rich" had to face the wrath of those who decided to stay "poor", living on basic rations and sleeping under scratchy blankets. Only Alex Cannon, Jackson Blyton and Ryan Ruckledge chose to pocket the money - and many were not too pleased about their decision.

Big Brother housemates had to make a difficult decision

However, viewers leapt to their defence: who wouldn't choose the money?

Alex chose the money

In fact, one even pointed out that Big Brother missed out on a trick - and could have been even more devious. Did the housemates get off lightly?

It was Jackson who came in for the most flak from viewers after he tearfully declared that he regretted his decision.

Jackson apparently felt bad about taking the money but not everyone was convinced (Channel 5)

He could have a new career as an actor...

Although he left many unconvinced.

There was also no sympathy for the "poor" housemates, who were unimpressed by instant mash and spam and left "starving".

With everything that went down... are they all just snakes?

One thing's for sure: it's all in the name of entertainment