The moment Holly Willoughby developed terror of flying has been revealed in shock throwback footage


Holly Willoughby has identified the exact moment she developed her fear of flying - and now thinks she is "cured".

The This Morning presenter believes her phobia began during the TV show Fear of Flying, when she was put at the controls of a plane alongside a pilot as it nose-dived and barrel-rolled. Filming the programme had an unintended consequence.

Holly Willoughby on Fear of Flying

Before that, Holly had never been afraid of going on planes - even accompanying her air hostess mum to work.

But during the programme, she said, "I was scared to within an inch of my life."

A clip of the fateful plane ride was shown, in which she was seen crying and shouting: "Please make it stop... I can't do it! Oh god."

According to the Daily Mirror, watching the moment, an emotional Holly admitted: "Honestly, watching it makes me upset."

Nik and Eva Speakman regularly appear on This Morning

But therapists and life coaches Eva and Nik Speakman, known as the Speakmans, were on hand to help tackle the phobia.

"When I look out of a plane window I just feel like we're going to go towards the ground," Holly explained. "I know what that feels like, I've seen it!"

Eva pointed out that the presenter had blamed airplanes for her fear - but the fear came from within, and there was no danger.

This Morning's Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (ITV)

"It wasn't the plane's fault, it got me down safely, it did its job," Holly said after speaking with the Speakmans.

"It was me that pegged on that I was going to die. I could feel a switch in my head, go 'dink, off'.

"I am flying very soon, so I guess that's the ultimate test. I'm already feeling a bit better about it. I'm a little bit apprehensive, but I'm fine."

Co-host Phillip Schofield reminded her that she is off on her summer holidays next week - so she will soon be able to test whether the cure worked.