Piers Morgan angers Welsh football fans as he continues to attack Wales' homecoming parade


Piers Morgan angered Welsh viewers of Good Morning Britain as he continued his rant about the Wales' football team's homecoming parade.

He spent Sunday arguing with followers on Twitter that the celebrations for the Welsh team, who made history by taking a place in the Euros 2016 semi-finals, were "over the top".

Piers, sitting next to a bemused co-host Susanna Reid, prompted the wrath of Wales as he launched into another attack on Friday's parade following Andy Murray's win at Wimbledon on Sunday.

He said: "Andy Murray, get in there! Lewis Hamilton, get in there! Wales, came fourth, well done."

"Do you think that Andy Murray deserves an open top bus through south London?" Susanna asked.

He replied, "Yes. As you know I got into a little spat with the Welsh yesterday. Love the Welsh, my dad's Welsh, my brother's in the Royal Welsh Regiment, love Wales.

Wales' Gareth Bale even broke out his selfie stick for the homecoming parade in an open top bus through Cardiff City centre (Paul Harding/PA)

"But these open top bus parades for losing, coming third, fourth, not really my bag."

He conitnued: "Lewis Hamilton, no bus parade. Andy Murray, no bus parade. One wins three consecutive British Grand Prix, the other wins Wimbledon for the second time.

"Wales, bus parade, and I'm not having it."

Piers offered to throw Andy Murray his own parade after his Wimbledon win (Steve Paston/PA)

Susanna teased back: "No and no-one was having your comments about it."

Later in the show, he told Wales to "get over yourselves".

It was the continuation of a spat with Wales and its fans that began on Twitter, in which Piers had even promised to arrange Andy his own parade.