Catchphrase gets its first ever £50,000 jackpot winner


The £50,000 "Super Catchphrase" jackpot has finally been won after four series of the revamped ITV gameshow.

Overwhelmed contestant Adei can be seen falling to her knees as she wins the life-changing cash prize on Saturday night's upcoming show.

Adei on ITV's Catchphrase

Adei, originally from Leeds but now living and working in Derby, said: "It's just the best day of my entire life."

In the game where you "say what you see", Adei had to guess the familiar phrases hidden in animated clues.

Adei on ITV's Catchphrase

After guessing her way through to the final round, she had just 60 seconds to work her way up a pyramid of numbered boxes, each containing a catchphrase increasing in difficulty.

The speedy guesser completed the pyramid with just one second to spare, winning her the huge jackpot.

Adei on ITV's Catchphrase

Host Stephen Mulhern added: "From the very first episode I hosted of Catchphrase I always wanted someone to win the Super Catchphrase jackpot and this Saturday finally somebody does, the wonderful Adei from Leeds.

"I was over the moon for her as she openly explains how much it will change her life.

Adei jumped for joy as she realised she had won (ITV)

"She is the first ever winner but will there be more?"

Watch Adei's episode on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.