The nudity in Life Stripped Bare turned us all into teenagers


Channel 4 continued its bonkers programming with Life Stripped Bare, a show where participants got rid of all of their stuff for 21 days, including clothes.

Heidi from London, Tom, Andrew and Georgia from Cardiff and Jon and Laura from Manchester were allowed to collect one item per day from a storage locker nearby, from a standing start of complete nakedness.

No clothes allowed for participants (Channel 4)

The nudity from the get-go shocked our little British minds, with many viewers taking to Twitter to express their horror.

The question of whether the show might be more interesting with some clothes actually on was raised, as well as what could replace them.

Then they ran naked through the streets and we lost it completely.

Heidi didn't seem to realise those crates had holes (Screenshot/Channel 4)

Their choices of what to have back and when were also really interesting, once the nudity was over.

a woman surrounded by yellow material (Screenshot/Channel 4)

Heidi made her own clothes from some material in her locker, the Cardiff crew chose onesies and dressing gowns and the Manchester team prioritised sleep by collecting Laura's mattress.