Love almost at first sight for Victoria Coren Mitchell when she met David


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Victoria Coren Mitchell revealed she knew she would marry her husband David Mitchell just hours after meeting him.

The Only Connect presenter had a short-lived romance with Peep Show actor David in 2007, before rekindling their romance three years later and marrying in November 2012 with his co-star Robert Webb as best man.

Victoria Coren Mitchell and husband David welcomed their first child last year (Ian West/PA)

Despite the five years it took to walk down the aisle, the 43-year-old said it was love at first sight when they were introduced by comedian David Baddiel.

She told Radio Times: "He (Baddiel) specifically said to me, 'There's David Mitchell over there, I think you should probably marry him, I'll get the ball rolling by introducing you'.

"I thought that was ridiculous but, a couple of hours later, I thought I probably would marry him."

David Baddiel is to thank for introducing the happy couple (Yui Mok/PA)

Her husband need not worry about competition from Victoria's fans who have rather niche ways of showing their appreciation.

She said: "When I was in my 20s I wrote a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph and I was sent all sorts of filth by the kind of old colonels who read the Telegraph.

"One letter was an extended pornographic fantasy about me and the writer of the letter who proudly told me he was 90. All the rude words were in Latin."

The popular BBC4 quiz Only Connect - now on BBC Two - is about to start its 12th series, but she admitted she initially refused to film a full series because she saw herself as "an intellectual, not a quiz show host".

Victoria presents quiz show Only Connect (BBC/Parasol Media/RDF Television/Patrick Olner)

After being hooked by the pilot of the show which sees teams find obscure connections between things, she was "scratching at the door to be let in".

Victoria happily places herself alongside the show's contestants as those who would "proudly say they are nerds".

She also revealed that all her opening speech at the beginning of the show is memorised because she cannot read an autocue.

"I'm too short-sighted, too squeamish for contact lenses and too vain for glasses," she said.

Read the full interview in this week's Radio Times.