Find out the adorable reason Alexander Skarsgard burst into tears at the end of filming Legend of Tarzan


Alexander Skarsgard admitted he burst into tears at the end of filming The Legend of Tarzan when he was presented with a beer and a banoffee pie.

The 39-year-old Swede blamed his emotional outburst on his strict diet that, along with brutal twice-daily training sessions, saw him gain 25lbs in muscle and transform into the hulking king of the jungle.

Alexander stars as Tarzan in the new film (Warner Bros)

Speaking at the film's European premiere in Leicester Square, he confessed: "My costumer on the movie, Jess, she baked this banoffee pie and I cried like a baby because I hadn't had sugar in nine months or a sip of beer.

"So on wrap they walked up with this massive pie and a pint of ice cold beer and oh my god!They go surprisingly well together, I would highly recommend it."

Alexander Skarsgard at the Legend of Tarzan premiere (Matt Crossick/PA)

Despite his ripped physique, Alex did bemoan the after-effects of the exercise which had left him struggling with his flexibility and said he couldn't even tough his toes.

But it was lucky he had done all that training when Alexander was left to give co-star Samuel L Jackson a vine-swinging piggy-back on set.

They might all be enemies in the film, but Alexander, Christoph and Djimon Hounsou all joked around together at the premiere (Joel Ryan/AP/PA)

He said: "There's a scene where Sam's on my back and I swing on a vine and he's holding on to me and it was quite surreal experience to stand on set, having Sam Jackson on your back like a little angry backpack."

Alex gushed about his co-star, who plays his American envoy George Washington Williams who travels with Tarzan and Jane (Margot Robbie) to the Congo, where they get caught up in Belgian Leon Rom's (Christoph Waltz) deadly plan.

Alexander said finding chemistry with co-star Margot Robbie took about

He said:  "He's a joy to work with, an incredible actor, so down to earth and easy-going. He loves to improvise and he's a very curious man and I love that."

Finding chemistry with his beautiful and feisty on-screen wife Margot took about "four seconds", he said.

Alex's girlfriend Alexa Chung was also in attendance (Joel Ryan/AP/PA)

"She's so adorable," he smiled.

Don't worry, Alexander's girlfriend Alexa Chung was in attendance and he looked perfectly smitten still.

The Legend Of Tarzan is in cinemas on Wednesday.