Can Malin Andersson get closure as she makes dramatic return to Love Island?


Malin Andersson is set for an angry confrontation with ex-boyfriend Terry Walsh after he cheated on her as she returns to Love Island.

Malin was voted off the ITV2 show by the public two weeks ago, but she will shock Terry on Monday night's show when she turns up again to gain "closure" on the short-lived romance.

Malin is very unhappy about Terry's new romance with Emma (ITV)

He had promised to wait for his make-up artist beau after her eviction but he quickly jumped into bed with new girl Emma-Jane Woodham, much to Malin's disgust.

Terry and Scott Thomas will be seen discussing his relief at escaping Malin and finding "down to earth" Emma when Malin will crash the conversation.

She tells a stunned Terry that she has been watching everything, to which he replies, "Yeah, but I said it was a test for me, didn't I? I didn't say to you I was 100% going to be with you."

His protestations fall on deaf ears.

Malin has been watching Terry and Emma get intimate since she left (ITV)

Malin argues: "Terry, we were together in that villa. I left that villa as a couple with you, we were official in there. You were my boyfriend. I came out of there supporting you.

"Then a day later you're hooked up. You were wanting to come out of there with me!"

But viewers will see Terry stand his ground.

He says: "I know I was, but then I had to reflect on things. I spoke to the boys and at the end of the day; it was still my time in there.

Malin and Terry go head-to-head (ITV)

"Analysing stuff on the two days I was on my own, it weren't gonna go anywhere."

He accuses her of "possessiveness" and "creating rows", which fires Malin up.

She fumes: "You said you were going to dump me a few days before? You said 'I was gonna dump her anyway'. No, you were not.

"You led me on the whole time we were in there; you were playing a massive game, Terry. Everyone can see it.

"Your little girl Emma's playing a game too. You're muggy as f***. I can see everything."

A dejected Terry contemplates his row with Malin (ITV)

Denying she created rows, she hit back: "You've cheated on me and made me look like a mug and disrespected me completely."

As an upset Terry returns to the villa to cool down after his row with "spiteful" Malin, he's left to think about his relationship with Emma.

Can Terry and Emma continue on as before? And what will Malin do next?

Watch what happens on Love Island on ITV2 at 9pm.