Mud does nothing to deter Glastonbury costume fun


Forget wellies, waterproofs and jeans: Glastonbury Festival is the perfect excuse to raid the dressing up box.

Philip Lyons, 38, a builder from Gravesend, said he had decided to wear his son's white feather boa.

Philip Lyons at Glastonbury

He explained: "I was doing work round someone's house and they said, 'Do you want a feather boa?' And I said: 'My youngest son loves dressing up, so yeah I'll take this'.

"And then I decided to bring it with us instead."

Decked out in love heart socks and an orange fedora, he explained: "I don't wear this normally. Not on the building site."

Orla Farmer, an 18-year-old from North London, was philosophical about getting mud on the train of her long dress, worn with wellies.

Orla Farmer at Glastonbury

She said: "I knew it was going to happen and I just had to live with it.

"It's my look, enhanced a bit."

Wearing a pink wig with unicorn leggings, Michelle Byatt, from Potton, said it was also not far from her everyday look.

The 38-year-old explained: "They're pretty much dog-walking leggings."

Michelle Byatt at Glastonbury

Martha Harrison, 28, from Wirral, said there was a story behind her Native American headdress.

The original headdress came from Glastonbury, but was later destroyed by a dog.

Martha said: "My mum got me this one for Christmas because she knew we were all going to Glastonbury together."

Martha Harrison at Glastonbury

Steph Scrutton said she had decided to dress up for the final day of the festival, donning a sequinned dress.

The 25-year-old from Liverpool said: "I just thought I wanted to do something really sparkly for Glastonbury, why not? All the sparkles.

Steph Scrutton at Glastonbury

"This hides a multitude of sins. There's probably all sorts of mud over this, but it's fine, because it just covers. A couple of people have said: 'Oh I love your dress!' I was like, do you know what, I want to come to Glastonbury more often because I keep getting compliments.

"I've been to a couple of other festivals and I just wore boring T-shirts and shorts, and I was like, it's Glastonbury, I need to get the sparkle going."