Love Island bags itself two new hunks, but how long will they stay in the show?


Love Island has captured the imagination of viewers thanks to the contestants, including de-throned beauty queen Zara Holland who lost her crown after her sexual antics were broadcast on the ITV2 series.

Two new hunks are now heading into the reality show which has performed well in the ratings and is even giving Channel 5´s Big Brother a run for its money.

The show, presented by Caroline Flack, is all about romantic hook-ups and the naughty shenanigans have been a big talking point.

Caroline Flack (ITV pictures)

As Troy Frith and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez fight for a permanent place in the villa, who will stay and who will go?

Here's what you need to know about both men.

Troy Frith

Love Island's Troy Frith (ITV)

Who is Troy?

The 23-year-old works in sales and is from Bexley in London.

How he sees himself in three words

"Bubbly, loving, handsome."

Troy's single woes

"Sundays. It's a day where I'm just chilling on my own when I could be watching films and getting cosy with a girl. I love being single, but it's nice to have someone you feel comfortable with you can go home to."

 Troy Frith (ITV)

What does Troy like in a girl?

"My main type is small, cute and feisty. I like small feet, I don't want a girl I can share trainers with!"

Who has caught his eye on the show?

"Because there are two single girls in the villa, I'm going to go for one of them because I know they'll be onto me as soon as I go in there.
I've got my eye on a few girls though who maybe aren't single."

Oliver Maxwell Fernandez

Love Island's Oliver Maxwell Fernandez (ITV)

Who is Oliver?

The 25-year-old is a model from Barnet.

How he sees himself in three words

"Articulate, confident, sarcastic."

Oliver's single woes

"I like having my hair played with, so I really miss that. When I was at university, I'd ask girls to come round just to play with my hair. Then I'd ask them to leave and they'd be like, 'What?!'"

 Oliver Maxwell Fernandez (ITV)

What does Oliver like in a girl?

"In terms of looks, Tina (Stinnes from Made In Chelsea) would be the closest."

Who has caught his eye on the show?

Kady (McDermott) also caught my eye. She's hard work and I can tell she's crying out for someone who can actually take control of her.