Where everybody knows your name: Cheers is coming to the stage in America


The bar where everybody knows your name is coming to the stage in its home town of Boston.

"Cheers Live On Stage" is a comedy based on some of the most memorable moments from the celebrated TV show's first season.

It will feature retired Red Sox pitcher and shameless lothario Sam Malone, pretentious waitress Diane Chambers, rotund barfly Norm Peterson, and the rest of the regulars when it debuts in September.

Ted Danson as Sam Malone in the TV show Cheers (Moviestore Collection/REX)

But because the two-hour show is based solely on the first season, there will be no Woody, no Frasier and no Rebecca.

Loyal fans should see plenty of new material in the stage version, and may even get a chance to be a part of the performance. A national tour is planned.

Erik Forrest Jackson, the writer who adapted the show for the theatre, binge-watched all 22 episodes of the first season nine times and pored over the original scripts before he started writing.

Shelley Long, Ted Danson and Rhea Perlman in the original TV series (MARK TERRILL/AP/PA)

"I took season one of Cheers and put it all into a big pot and cooked it up and boiled it down," he said. "The main through-line is the relationship between Sam and Diane but done in a way so it feels fresh."

The television series ran for 11 seasons from 1982 until 1993, winning 28 Emmys and six Golden Globes, and is found on just about every list of the top television programmes in US history.

The show will have a cast of 14 actors -- although no original cast members are involved -- and every night 10 or so pre-selected members of the audience will be on stage with the cast as bar patrons.