Mark Rylance and Prince Charles bond over love of crop circles


Mark Rylance has dubbed himself the Prince of Wales's "crop circle counsellor" after revealing their shared interest in the phenomena.

While Charles is well-known for talking to plants, his interest in crop circles - flattened patterns in fields which some claim have an extra-terrestrial origin - has been outed by the Wolf Hall actor.

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Mark said the pair remained in correspondence after Charles came to see him take on the role of Henry V at London's Globe Theatre in 1997.

He told Australia's Sydney Morning Herald: "We had a wonderful meeting and then he came to the Globe several times.

Mark Rylance was the first artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (Matt Dunham/AP/PA)

"I still call him 'sir' in respect for his extraordinary fate. He's just a human soul like you or I, but he's been born into this incredible fate and so I respect him as I would respect anyone who has had an extraordinary fate given to them."

He added: "And we correspond. He's interested in crop circles too, so I send him my crop circle calendars and magazines that I buy and keep him informed. I'm his crop circle counsellor."

Both are fans of crop circles, like this unexplained one that emerged in Switzerland in 2007 (Sandro Campardo/AP/PA)

Mark has most recently voiced the eponymous giant in Steven Spielberg's remake of Roald Dahl's The BFG.