Dakota Johnson talks about the pressure to 'couple-up' and why women should be 'travelling and learning'


Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson has spoken of the pressure society puts on women to "find a male counterpart or couple-up".

The Fifty Shades Of Grey actress said she believes women should "be travelling and learning and do everything they want to instead of searching for a man because that's what the history has been".

She stars in How To Be Single alongside Rebel Wilson, and made the comments talking in reference to her character, Alice.

Dakota in How To Be Single ((Warner Bros))

She said: "I think there's something to be said about how society has put pressure on women to find their male counterpart or "couple up" with someone for the rest of their lives.

"That has been put in front of your emotional and intellectual development, and that's something that is so important to me. I think women should be travelling and learning and doing everything they want to do, instead of searching for a man because that's what the history has been.

"The other half of that is that you can find beautiful relationships with people and you can have incredible loves and make children and create a human with someone, and also still have a life and experience all of it."

Dakota and Rebel Wilson in How To Be Single (Warner Bros)

The daughter of Hollywood stars Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson also revealed she's a "pretty quiet person" who likes to stay at home.

She said: "I don't think you'd ever see me in a super club environment, or going out and raging. I mostly just do that on my couch."

How To Be Single is available on Digital HD now and out on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday June 27.