Gillian Anderson has not been asked to return for X-Files: 'I'm getting on with the rest of my life'


Gillian Anderson says she has not been approached for another X-Files season.

The surprising news comes despite Fox saying more episodes are in the works. Last month, CEO Dana Walden said that "conversations" had been taking place with Gillian and with David Duchovny to return for another set of episodes.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Dana and Scully in The X-Files

However, Gillian said she was getting on with life and making other plans, as she had not been contacted about continuing her role as FBI agent Dana Scully in the paranormal drama.

She told Deadline: "For me, it was important that I thought of this season as being just these six shows when we were doing it. The long insanity of the schedule [demanded it].

"I'm open to the conversation, though they haven't come to us yet. I have no clue when they're going to.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X-Files

"I'm getting on with the rest of my life and I'm booking other jobs, so if it is indeed something that they would like to continue, then that conversation will need to be had. And I have no idea when that will be able to take place at this juncture."

The busy actress is not joking about her packed schedule: she has another season of The Fall in the works, as well as a starring role in American Gods.

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan in The Fall

David, who plays her on-screen partner Fox Mulder, also expressed some reservations about continuing the story.

He said: "I'm pausing, and I don't know why I'm pausing. I would say, I guess what we found with this season was that it's possible to still get it. It doesn't not work.

"And then the question becomes, if we were going to move on, how do we make it work even better? That's a question we'd want to ask. This one was, 'Phew, we can do it. I guess it did work.' But now it's like, now what? How do we make this interesting again for all of us?"

Chris Carter with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

But he did not rule it out - because he enjoys acting alongside Gillian so much.

"It was something I looked forward to with this series, and something I would potentially look forward to doing again," he said. "It's a nice thing to have in one's life."