Monty Don disses the 'repulsively ugly' begonia and sparks a mixed reaction on social media


Monty Don has raised more than a few eyebrows in the gardening world by slighting the begonia, a favourite of many with green fingers.

The BBC Gardeners' World presenter dismissed the plant, known for providing vibrant colour throughout the summer, as "repulsively ugly".

Monty, 60, made the remark during a recent broadcast of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show on BBC Two.

Monty Don

During a topic about plants which spark mixed reactions he said: "I hate a plant because it is repulsively ugly and that's the begonia."

He added: "Don't tell me that anybody likes begonias."

Gardeners' World presenters Rachel De Thame, Monty Don, Carol Klein and Joe Swift

Monty appears to have it in for the begonia. In 2000 he said: "If begonias were a song, they would be the kind of maudlin croon performed by a 'family entertainer' in a toupee that leaves you turning inside out with embarrassment. The leaves have a bat's-wing quality, with colourings reminiscent of the pavement outside a pub at closing time on a Saturday night."

On Twitter, opinion appears to be split.

Leave begonias alone!

Monty's right