There's an unexpected Big Brother romance brewing... and another that everyone wishes would stop


Ryan Ruckledge failed in his chance to become a permanent member of the Big Brother house as he was sent back to join The Others.

He fell short in his task to get Laura Carter nominated, as Emma Jensen, Andy West, Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Marco Pierre White Jr all went up for eviction.

Ryan was sent back The Other House after failing to get Laura nominated (Channel 5)

But Ryan was quickly comforted by Hughie Maughan when he returned to The Other House and they indulged in a surprising steamy kiss.

"I've really got a bad back, will you just give me a massage?" he asked Hughie as they sat on the outside sofa.

Hughie gently protested as Ryan lay his head on his chest, but he said, "I'm only giving you a hug, chill you ... this is on TV!"

Hugh and Ryan had a peck, followed by a proper snog (Channel 5)

The two then kissed after a quick snuggle.

Although Hughie appeared to stop the kiss quickly, the two dropped off the sofa and could be heard continuing their smooch on the floor.

Hughie and Ryan on Big Brother (Channel 5)

Lots of fans were very happy.

Some dismissed it as a showmance though.

It got a lot more support than Marco and Laura, who got naked together in the bathroom after kissing in the pool.

Marco slapped Laura on the bottom, causing her towel to fall down.

It was especially ironic to viewers because Laura promised to keep away from engaged Marco and had complained about Georgina saying she had "less morals" for sleeping with him.

Although some agreed with housemate Jason that Marco was actually the one in the wrong.

The Housemates will find out who's evicted in Friday's episode on Channel 5 at 9pm.