Carol Vorderman reveals the dangers of exercising naked


Carol Vorderman knows better than anyone the perils of getting naked during a workout.

The former Countdown host has revealed that she once got so hot while she was exercising that she stripped off her clothes - before falling and giving herself a nasty burn.

Carol Vorderman in her Countdown days

"It was last summer and I thought, it's about time I did a bit of fitness," the 55-year-old admitted.

"I hate the gym so I got this treadmill and put it in an alcove in a room at home. I started running and you don't half get hot, don't you, when you're running?

"Me being me I got off and thought, 'I'll just take my kit off and get back on again'.

Carol Vorderman told an embarrassing story on Safeword

"I forgot that it was still running, got back on, I went like that (she acts falling), the belt was still going and I burned here (points to bum), here (points to legs) and all down my back. It was awful."

Carol opened up with the embarrassing tale on new ITV2 series Safeword, hosted by Rick Edwards - a competitive panel show where celebrity guests must score points by taking "punishments".

Safeword is on Thursdays at 10pm on ITV2.