Two more Big Brother contestants are up for eviction - find out why Vicky Pattison is fuming


Lateysha is already up for eviction (Channel 5)

A bumper four housemates will be up for eviction in the first public vote of the series on Friday's Big Brother.

It was The Others who got to select the third housemate to join The Valley's star Lateysha Grace and Justin Bieber's alleged fling Laura Carter.

Big Brother showed The Others the rest of the audition tapes from The Housemates to help them decide who to target, which caused big drama for former X Factor star Ryan Ruckledge who quickly realised he knew Sam Giffen.

"Oh my god he tried to take two of my exes from me," screamed Ryan.

On the tape Sam could be heard saying Ryan was "obsessed" with him.

To say Ryan was furious with Sam would be a severe understatement (Channel 5)

"Get me into that f****** house now. That guy is going to wish I was never in the f****** place, I swear to god...I am raging," Ryan exploded.

Ryan and Charlie, whose ex Jason in the house, came up with a game plan in their nominations.

Alex was nominated by The Others for eviction (Channel 5)

Wanting to keep their exes in the House so they could come face-to-face with them for an almighty showdown, they picked Alex to face eviction.

Alex was then forced to choose a fellow housemate for nomination, and chose Andy, who took the news remarkably well.

Andy is up for the cull too (Channel 5)

Vicky Pattison ranted against The Others' nomination of her friend Alex.

And other viewers hated it too.

There was backlash against Alex for his nomination of Andy.

But it was Ryan who really got people talking and he hasn't made any fans - except those who love his meltdowns.

Big Brothers airs on Channel 5 at 9pm.