The Chase's 'Governess' Anne Hegerty hits back at body shamers


The Chase's Anne Hegerty said she's "grown a thick skin" to handle all the cruel body-shaming comments about her on Twitter.

Anne, better known to viewers as notoriously tricky Chaser The Governess, confessed she reads tweets about herself "all the time".

The Chase's Anne Hegerty (ITV)

But she said that she had some great comebacks for those who dare to criticise her or her fellow Chasers.

"I'm more defensive on behalf of the other Chasers than I am on my own behalf.

"You need to grow a thick skin. If someone asks, 'Why are all the Chasers fat?', you can say, 'Body-shaming's really hurtful and offensive!' or you can say, 'Because every time we get an answer right, we get a biscuit.'

Anne said she is more defensive of her other Chasers (ITV)

"Which is more likely to get you a new follower and a reputation for being a good sport?" she told

Anne offered her support for Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan, who joined as a Chaser in September 2015.

She rejected the "Smurfette principle" that there could only be one woman and said it was "hilarious" that anyone could claim Jenny lacked charisma, citing her participation in ukulele band Nanukes Of The North.

Host Bradley Walsh was hailed as one of the

Hailing host Bradley Walsh as one of the "biggest factors" in the show's success, she said: "I tell him that my great fear is that he's going to have a heart attack from overwork, and he just says, 'Oh, but I love it.'"

For worried fans, Anne confirmed that nothing, not even the harshest body-shamer, would make her quit the show.

"I can't think of any circumstances in which I'd choose to leave. This is the best job I've ever had!" she said.

The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5pm.