Viewers of Versailles can't believe their eyes as BBC2's period drama features graphic sex scenes


Versailles, BBC Two's raunchy 10-part French drama about the court of King Louis XIV, features British actor George Blagden in the key role of the Sun King and Welsh actor Alexander Vlahos as the King's younger gay brother Philippe.

George Blagden as Louis XIV and Alexia Giordano as Nymphe in Versailles (Capa Drama / Zodiak Fiction / Incendo / Canal+)

The drama centres around romantic interludes, political intrigue and brutal thirst for power as Louis attempts to keep his troublesome courtiers under his control in Versailles.

Alexander Vlahos as Phillipe in Versailles (Capa Drama / Zodiak Fiction / Incendo / Canal+)

French critics were not pleased about a drama depicting their own history being produced in English. But British viewers couldn't get over all the sex - gay and straight. Many took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Versailles is sex-sex-sex