'I don't believe it!' Richard Wilson is bringing back Victor Meldrew for his stand-up tour


Richard Wilson has revealed he could actually bring back his grouchy alter ego Victor Meldrew.

The actor played Victor on the BBC One sitcom One Foot in the Grave for 10 years, until 2000 when he was killed off in a hit-and-run car crash, ending the possibility of the series returning.

Tributes to Victor Meldrew after the One Foot in the Grave character was killed off (Chris Ison/PA)

But Richard revived the part on-stage last year for a fundraiser - and the curmudgeonly character could make another return.

He told Digital Spy: "I did leave it in the past for a long time.

Richard Wilson filming as Victor Meldrew in 1993

"Then I did it initially as a fundraiser for Sheffield Theatres, half an hour of Victor in a sort of [stand-up comedy] set... and I just loved it."

Richard, 79, is set to perform another one-man show in August at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he will test out a return for Victor.

He said: "If it works in Edinburgh, I might do some Sunday nights here and there, as stand-up. I'll take it on tour - but if possible, near a 5-star hotel... or near my home!"