Michaela Strachan makes embarrassing Springwatch badger innuendo


Michaela Strachan gave viewers a giggle with an unintended innuendo on Monday night's Springwatch.

She was joined by Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games at RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk to get to know the badgers, when she accidentally made a rather rude statement about her own furry friend.

Martin Hughes-Games and Chris Packham got a laugh out of Michaela's accidental innuendo (Jo Charlesworth/BBC)

After a cute video of badgers with an itch, Michaela announced: "I can scratch my own badger."

Soldiering on unaware of her slip-up, she gestured at her shirt and, giving it a rub, said: "I've got a badger T-shirt on."

But the joke wasn't lost on her colleagues, with Martin struggling to contain his smirk and Chris shouting: "I don't want to see you scratching your chest!"

Michaela gave the badger on the T-shirt quite a scratch (Screenshot/BBC)

But Michaela continued unabashed.

"In fact, it's something you can all do," she said, before realising where that suggestion was heading. "Not all scratch my badger!" she clarified.

Viewers loved it.