Melissa McCarthy hopes Ghostbusters critics 'find a friend'


Melissa McCarthy has snapped back at the Ghostbusters haters, saying she hopes they "find a friend".

The Bridesmaids actress stars in the all-female follow-up to the classic 1984 film - alongside Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones - which has faced a backlash from fans who apparently don't want women carrying proton packs.

The cast of Ghostbusters  at an event in the US

The first trailer to be unveiled has become the most disliked in YouTube history.

Melissa told The Guardian: "All those comments - 'You're ruining my childhood!' I mean, really. Four women doing any movie on earth will destroy your childhood?"

The actress, who has two children with her husband Ben Falcone, went on: "I have a visual of those people not having a Ben, not having friends, so they're just sitting there and spewing hate into this fake world of the internet.

"I just hope they find a friend."

Ghostbusters will be released in UK cinemas on July 15.