Meerkats get a superhero makeover


Forget Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, there are two new caped crusaders on the block.

Hot on the heels of the Dawn Of Justice movie, Compare The Market's meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei have been turned into Batman and Superman in their own comic book.

Aleksandr and Sergei

Illustrated by DC's artistic master Neal Adams and written by Tony Bedard, the Russian duo are causing havoc in the middle of LA as they are caught between rival street gangs and dangerous dogs.

Aleksandr the meerkat

So are they saving a baby from a burning building? Stopping a bank robbery? Ending the reign of terror of an evil genius?

Aleksandr and Sergei

Um, nope, they're trying to get to the cinema on time.

The duo were drawn by DC legend Neal Adams

The first cliffhanger part of Meerkat Movies: A Heroic Journey is available to download now on, with the second instalment available from May 27.