Peaky Blinders rivalled Game Of Thrones in the wedding stakes as Tommy's big day turned bloody


Peaky Blinders gave Game Of Thrones a run for its money in the bloodiest wedding stakes with a night of murder to end Tommy Shelby's happy day.

It emerged the Shelby gang have got into business with the Russian royalists, providing weapons to fight the Bolsheviks in Georgia - at least that's how Grace described it.

Thomas Shelby meets the Duchess

So naturally Tommy (Cillian Murphy) took a break from his wedding night to meet with Duchess Tatania Petrovna (Gaite Jansen) who was in Birmingham with a suitcase full of money to hand over to purchase the goods.

But when she used a different codename from the one Tommy was given by Anton Kaledin, his Russian contact, the groom had no choice but to get Arthur to kill off the traitor who was sipping champagne at his own wedding.

Peaky Blinders

And then began the combined murder/fight/sex scene of viewers' dreams.

Cue Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) grappling with the Russian in the basement, two of the gang beating each other to oblivion on the driveway and Michael Gray sharing cocaine and his seed with a girl from London - all while Aunt Polly led a ragtime dance in the ballroom.

Paul Anderson Peaky Blinders

Basically, it was magnificent.

Special mention for Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory).

Aunt Polly

And a shout-out to the amazing soundtrack, including Nick Cave, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys. Game Of Thrones' Red Wedding didn't have that.