Potato custard, prawn brain juice and the concept of 'pre-dessert' was a step too far for MasterChef viewers


The final five MasterChef contestants were given the task of cooking a dinner for actors at the historic Bristol Old Vic - with the help of maverick Michelin star holder Michael O'Hare.

Jack, Jane, Stuart, Juanita and Billy were over the moon at the prospect of working with such an interesting chef, but the "complex" was just too much for many MasterChef viewers.

Stuart had to prepare a "pre-dessert", a hot and cold soup with a Chilean lemon sorbet at the centre. So many questions...
How can a soup be both hot and cold? And since when was there such a thing as a pre-dessert?


Jack had the task of making a milk chocolate, lavender and honey mousse, and beetroot puffed potatoes with violet ice-cream. Which kind of looked like something else...


It was topped with custard made out of baked potatoes. Yes really.


Meanwhile, Billy made barbecued rib of beef with edible egg shells - and used a hairdryer.


When they tried to mess with a classic, it was all a step too far...


But for many, prawn brain juice on Jane's roasted prawn dish was a real low point.