There's a game that lets you kick Jeremy Hunt as far as you possibly can


Jeremy Hunt is in the bad books of a lot of the nation due to his questionable decisions for the NHS and if you feel you've been wronged by the Secretary of State for Health, then we have just the thing for you.

Punt Hunt offers you a safe (and legal) outlet to relieve your pent-up frustration, allowing you to give the politician a swift kick as far as you can get him.

Jeremy Hunt game

You can rub your hands in glee as he goes flying past a never-ending line of junior doctors holding placards reading "Patients before profit", "NHS: not for sale", "Hunt out now" as well as a few more colourful messages...

Jeremy Hunt game

"That lovable scamp Jeremy Hunt needs help to escape the baying mob of junior doctors, BMA members and people with common sense outrageously demanding he actually listens to them," the site reads.

"For some reason, it's up to you to kick him as far away as possible."

Well, what are you waiting for?