BBC Breakfast presenter shocked by Lisa Stansfield with Prince question


Singer Lisa Stansfield left BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt a little speechless.

She appeared as a guest on the show to share her memories of musician Prince, following his death aged 57.

Lisa Stansfield didn't hold back when she spoke to Naga (BBC Breakfast)

It transpired Naga also had her own story to share about the singer, as she revealed she had met him on her 21st birthday.

Lisa Stansfield

She said: "I met him on my 21st birthday. I was in a nightclub, out with friends. He did always have big bodyguards, they approached me and said our boss would like to talk to you. I said 'Who is your boss?' and he went he's over... He (Prince) wanted to have a dance with me. So I met him and we danced to his latest single... it was the talk of the university when I went back."

BBC Breakfast

To which Lisa candidly asked: "Didn't everyone say 'Did ya or didn't ya?'"

A slightly shocked Charlie jumped in saying: "That's where we stop this story...", while Naga said a quick: "How very dare you!"