The 'rude' professional chef on Masterchef really grated on viewers


The Masterchef knockout week continued, with the 11 remaining contestants split into two groups and tasked with running a professional lunchtime service on their own.

However, it wasn't the performances of the contestants that caught viewers attention. They were far too busy being annoyed at professional chef Steve Parle - whose restaurant the show was borrowing.

Steve was tasked with instructing the contestants - and viewers didn't enjoy his style.

Steve had a constant look of annoyance.


Particularly after contestant Juanita messed up her dish - so he had to use one he had prepared earlier.


He couldn't even bare to look at her.


He then did the same to Jacob, making viewers even more frustrated.

People delved pretty deep into Steve's psyche.

Others just got a little violent.

Fortunately Jacob took the criticism a little better.


And this woman decided to hit the head chef where it hurt.