There was a lot of drama over a wild turkey on The Island


Another day on The Island, another episode showing the group wasting away as they fail to find any food to eat.

Doctor Dan decided to call a meeting to suggest a three-day trek for food when, all of a sudden, a wild turkey casually strolled past them.

And so flooded in the conspiracy and fix claims (again) on Twitter as viewers struggled to believe the amazing coincidence of it all.

The Islanders tried to creep up on it and catch it - but failed at that too, so a wild goose/turkey chase ensued which gave viewers a lot of LOLs.

teammates chasing after the turkey

teammates chasing after the turkey

After catching, killing and cooking the bird later on, student Patrick clearly got a bit carried away and decided to eat the turkey's HEAD - feathers, bones, eyeballs and all.

But it wasn't until he went for a poo and out came lots of blood that he realised just how bad a decision that was.

Oh Patrick, classic case of eyes bigger than belly. He's probably learnt his lesson now though.