The new Ant and Dec? Here's what viewers made of Michael McIntyre's Big Show


If you liked Noel's House Party, Saturday Night Takeaway AND Michael McIntyre, you're in luck.

The BBC's Michael McIntyre's Big Show is a sort of smorgasbord of stand up comedy, audience interaction, pranks, celebrities and performances. Oh and renovating someone's en suite bathroom.

The first show featured Tinie Tempah, acrobatic group Peres Brothers Group and, randomly, a former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell - sorry, Horner.

McIntyre's Big Show

Some people weren't sure what to make of it all.

While others were actually laughing more than cringing.

Tinie Tempah performed and Michael's post song reaction was just like your dad's would be.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Geri Horner bravely gave her phone to Michael for a game where he texted this embarrassing text to ALL of her contacts.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

And with replies from her mum, a chef friend and a random farmer she was going to buy some sheep from (ok then), it was pretty funny.

And it made Geri do this...

Geri Halliwell on Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Michael then surprised Welsh hairdresser Natasha with the dream opportunity of singing in front of the audience.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

With Michael Ball no less.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Which made everyone feel a bit emosh.