Piers Morgan urges Prince William to defend trophy hunting stance on TV


Piers Morgan has called on the Duke of Cambridge to go on Good Morning Britain to defend his support of trophy hunting.

Piers criticised William on the show on Wednesday morning over comments the Duke made to ITV News that "there is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is around the world", and on Thursday Morgan said he would like to challenge him in person.

Speaking at the Good Morning Britain Health Star Awards, Morgan told the Press Association: "I'd have William and Harry on the sofa... I'd love to talk to William because somehow he's got to square off this round peg of wanting to be the face of conservation but also encouraging trophy hunting, which is the most sickening form of brutality to animals imaginable."

He continued: "For our future king to be aligning himself to trophy hunters - and we saw Prince Harry doing it (posing) with a water buffalo and also he's the face of wildlife conservation - you can't be grinning next to corpses of big beasts you've nailed and then allow big trophy hunters to put them on their new wall. You can't do both.

"If it falls to me as one of their loyal and obedient subjects to point out the slight inconsistency here, I will."

Piers and Susanna at the Good Morning Britain Health Awards (Lauren Hurley/PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Piers also pulled no punches over the junior doctors' strikes, calling the situation a "mess", as he spoke at the inaugural awards celebrating the nation's unsung health heroes.

He said: "I've got a lot of sympathy with junior doctors, they work incredibly long hours, very hard and save lots of lives.

Piers Morgan on the red carpet (Lauren Hurley/PA Wire/Press Association Images)

"There comes a point where there has to be reconciliation between the junior doctors and the Government to try and work out the mess everyone's got into.

"I hope they do it soon and they're all back to work full time without any more strikes, because it doesn't feel right to me that the junior doctors feel so maligned that they have to strike and I'm sure most of them don't like going on strike, so the sooner it's resolved the better."