Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston join star-studded red carpet at the world premiere of Mother's Day


Julia Roberts insisted she did not intend to copy the look of Anna Wintour for her new film Mother's Day, as she joined co-star Jennifer Aniston at the world premiere.

The Oscar-winning actress stars in the romantic comedy as a tough-talking television host with a short-bob hairstyle, drawing comparisons to Vogue's editor-in-chief.

But Julia, 48, insisted she had no intention of imitating Anna's distinctive style as she spoke on the red carpet at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

She said: "I've heard a lot about my look in the movie. There's a lot of interpretation about my look.

"I wish I could have put that much thought into it. It was kind of quick putting it together."

Comedian Jack Whitehall, who is part of the star-studded ensemble cast, revealed his father is "sceptical" about his plans for a movie career, despite co-starring with Hollywood royalty Julia and Jennifer.

Jack Whitehall arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Mother's Day at the TCL Chinese Theatre

The English comic, who hosts BBC Two chat show Backchat with his father Michael, said he did not want to give Michael the "satisfaction" of seeing him return to the UK having failed to succeed in Tinseltown.

Jack said: "He very much feels I will be coming back with my tail between my legs any time soon, which I probably will and he'll probably be proved right. But let's not try to give him that satisfaction."

Jack, 27, plays an English stand-up comedian in the film and joked that the role took "a lot of soul-searching".

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Mother's Day at the TCL Chinese Theatre

"I went very method," he said. "I started about 10 years and I've continued ever since.

"It makes a change from Bad Education and any of those other things I've done. Julia Roberts was never in Bad Education."

Jennifer said she wanted to make the film - which has also stars Kate Hudson, Timothy Olyphant and Jason Sudeikis - in order to work with Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall.

She told reporters: "It's a family set, it's a family affair, everyone is just having a good time."

Mother's Day is released in UK cinemas in June.