EastEnders' Louise Mitchell continues to wreak havoc in Albert Square


EastEnders serves up more drama and familial strife as Louise Mitchell, played by Tilly Keeper, continues to cause trouble in Albert Square.

The teenager attempts to steal a bottle of wine from the Minute Mart.

However, Denise realises what she's up to and confronts her about her behaviour, but will Louise be able to crawl her way out of getting into trouble again?

Tilly Cooper as Louise Mitchell and Diane Parish as Denise Fox in EastEnders

Talking to the Daily Star online, actress Tilly said Louise had "an evil streak". She added: "I think she's definitely manipulative and slightly twisted."

It seems Albert Square has found a new bad girl because Louise is not above taking advantage of her alcoholic dad Phil (actor Steve McFadden).

The schoolgirl absconded with his credit card and racked up £2,500 on a spending spree.

Ben Mitchell played by Harry Reid

The relationship with her dad isn't ideal, but Louise can't even turn to her half-brother Ben (Harry Reid) because he did his best to keep her away from Phil. He still doesn't think it's the right time for their father to be unsettled by Louise's presence.

But there's worse to come.

Lorna Fitzgerald as EastEnders' Abi Branning

Louise has involved herself in Abi Branning's (Lorna Fitzgerald) pregnancy lie to closeted boyfriend Ben. To say he is going to be furious when he discovers Abi's lie about expecting his baby is putting it mildly.

But when he finds out a blood relative deliberately got entangled in the mess, there will be big trouble in Albert Square.

The episode with these scenes will be broadcast on April 21 on BBC One.