People are very impressed with Anne Hathaway for her baby boy's new name


Anne Hathaway has named her baby boy Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman - and fans have praised her for sticking with a perfectly normal name.

Sure, the middle name is fit for a prince of Genovia. Perhaps Anne was inspired by her starring role in The Princess Diaries?


But Jonathan - her first child with husband Adam Shulman - is a far cry from the Apples, Norths, Saints, Blue Ivys and Blankets of the showbiz world.

Although Jeggings Rotisserie has a ring to it...

Baby Jonathan? You go, girl!

In fact, the name choice earned Anne extra points...

Anne Hathaway at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles in February

And praise.

Of course, some people are not impressed by Rosebanks...

But you can't please everyone!