Celebrity nanny shockers

Stars who cosied up to their kids' carers

Celebrity Nanny Shockers

While Oscar winner Ben Affleck is denying allegations he had an affair with the family's former nanny, other famous faces have fathered children with theirs.

Ladies man Jude Law's relationship with actress Sienna Miller hit the skids after it emerged he'd been having an affair with the nanny caring for his children from his marriage to Sadie Frost.

Actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Therman's marriage ended in divorce after it was reported he had been seeing the nanny to their two children. He denied having a relationship with the nanny - but later married her and had two children with her.

Speaking of children, in 2011 it was revealed Arnold Schwarzenegger secretly fathered a son with a long-time household employee. She gave birth just five days after his wife gave birth. The secret took years to come out, and when it did effectively ended his 25-year marriage.

Affleck and Garner in marriage counselling

Meanwhile, Affleck and Jennifer Garner were pictured on Thursday arriving and leaving separately at a marriage counselling centre in Los Angeles, reports the Daily Mail.

The Hollywood stars announced in June that they were ending their marriage one day after their 10-year anniversary.

After the couple announced they were divorcing, reports surfaced claiming that he was involved with their children's 28-year-old nanny Christine Ouzounian. Allegations he has denied.

The reports said the two met when she was hired to care for the children while Jennifer and Ben were undergoing a secret 10-month trial separation.

Ben Affleck's Former Nanny Christine Ouzounian Offered $1M Porn Gig